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GeneXus 17 U7: A Security and Technology update

GeneXus 17 Upgrade 7 ships new external libraries to solve security issues in applications, and targets latest technologies: Android 12, Angular 13, among others.

This is an important Security, Technology, and stability update. 

Here are some highlights:
  • It updates external libraries with recently known vulnerabilities (specifically the log4j library too).
  • Android and Angular generate now for the latest technologies: Android 12 and Angular 13. 
  • Applications that integrate to Facebook for authentication through OAUTH 2.0, now use the Facebook API version 11. 
  • REST APIs are now described with OpenAPI 3 compatibility.
  • Furthermore, the .NET Core generator (which actually targets .NET 5) has almost all the features of the .NET Framework Generator so that you can move your projects to this evolving technology easily.

Keep reading and get all the details at: https://wiki.genexus.com/commwiki/wiki?49301,GeneXus+17+upgrade+7

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