Discover the May 2024 updates for GeneXus Enterprise AI

Highlights of the update include a new type of assistant for database chat, support for open-source LLMs hosted on NVIDIA, and a new filter for email-managed requests.

At a time when innovation and agility are crucial for business success, GeneXus Enterprise AI continues to evolve to drive the adoption and development of Generative Artificial Intelligence in organizations.

The updates released in May 2024 include:
  • New Data Assistant Chat to facilitate interaction between end-users and databases, enhancing accessibility and efficiency in information management.
  • New  Ingestion SDK to enable custom document loading from various sources, automating these tasks in RAG assistants for greater operational efficiency.
  • New option allowing administrators to export project and organization member data more efficiently.
  • New API to expand datasets and enhance system analytics capability through the Data Analyst Assistant, facilitating integration of external data.
  • Custom Email Filter to optimize request management based on user email. Improvements in using OpenAI's text-embedding-3-small for new RAG assistants and the gemini-1.5-pro-preview-0409 model, expanding the learning and analysis capabilities of the platform.

Eugenio García, Product Manager of GeneXus Enterprise AI, emphasizes: "With GeneXus Enterprise AI, we are redefining efficiency and innovation in the software development industry. We are committed to leading the convergence of advanced technologies and agile development, offering powerful and flexible tools that enable companies to fully leverage the potential of Generative Artificial Intelligence."

The upcoming updates for GeneXus Enterprise AI will include support for Google Cloud Platform, assistant permissions in role-based access control, new UI/UX interface design, a new conversational module for data analysis assistants, and more.

GeneXus Enterprise AI gives companies the freedom to explore and utilize various AI models without being tied to a specific provider. This solution provides security, observability, and flexibility to build robust solutions integrable with existing enterprise systems.

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