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4 features of GeneXus 15 Upgrade 3 to take into account!

The new GeneXus 15 upgrade includes significant improvements in 4 aspects. Today we're focusing on Web security.

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The 4 improvements included in this upgrade are as follows:

1) Security has been significantly enhanced, especially in relation to data management in Web development, but also for mobile application development. In this regard, don't miss the article written by the GeneXus Development Team about the challenges of developing secure applications: “Innovation and Security Above All”.

2) New values for knowledge management.
More information is available in the CommunityWiki (New 'Internal' value for Object Visibility property).

3) New notifications, attributes and methods for Smart Devices.
You can find more information in the Smart Devices item of the CommunityWiki.

4) Improvements for team development in relation to Extensions, User Controls and Patterns, as well as BPM.
You can find more information in the Team Development item of the CommunityWiki.

This page contains comprehensive information about this upgrade, including new features, fixes in release notes, compatibility notes and links to setup files.

Download and enjoy GeneXus 15 Upgrade 3!