Success story
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Sentinel went from 1,000 to 300,000 users in only 3 years thanks to a platform created with GeneXus

"Mi Sentinel" is a platform that allows monitoring and receiving alerts about the customer's debts.
The company is planning to use the GeneXus Suite to further optimize the platform to reach 2 million users in 2015.

Sentinel Perú is a Debt Alert and Reporting Center (Central de Alertas y Reporte de Deudas) that uses digital platforms to perform credit monitoring in a simple and safe manner, and to provide free credit reports to individuals all year round. The cutting-edge and innovative Sentinel tool allows companies and individuals to anticipate risks and detect opportunities in a proactive and interactive manner. Thanks to a simple “traffic light” language, Sentinel users can access their debt reports with green, yellow and red colors that alert about the credit status of the person being queried.

To provide queries free of charge, the company's Technology Innovation Department first used a hosting service to send reports to Sentinel users. In each query, users accessed a detailed PDF file with in-depth information about their credit rating. However, since Sentinel's vision was to serve all users in Peru, they needed to use more modern platforms capable of supporting massive demand.
“At first, our free consultation forms were rather heavy and users could download their reports only twice a year. This method didn't allow us to provide the immediate replies we wanted to give our clients or to offer wide coverage. For this reason, we decided to optimize the product, free it from programming languages and add ease of use and flexibility to quickly evolve with current market trends. Also, we wanted it to be able to adapt to all platforms”, stated José Manuel Zelada, Director of Operations and Technology Innovation at Sentinel Perú.

GeneXus was used in this project because of the advantages and speed it added to the tool. As a result, Mi Sentinel is now a fully cloud-based product that went from 1,000 to 300,000 users in a very short time. “The ability of new GeneXus versions to adapt to mobile and cloud platforms allowed us to ensure the anticipated growth. Now we're working towards reaching 2 million users in 2015, and to do so we're developing new and innovative products with the help of GeneXus”, added Mr. Zelada.
Sentinel's mission is to provide better technology solutions for users to make their queries in a simple and fast way, as well as to offer cutting-edge technology products. In this sense, GeneXus is a strategic technology partner.