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Brazil: Convênio Médico Policlin Saúde digitalized its health plan management

Convênio Médico Policlin Saúde needed to automate some of its management processes. Its business relied on a single program for health care records, and functioned on computers connected to a virtual machine network.

The company searched the market for a system to optimize the development of a solution capable of fulfilling all requirements involved in a computerized health plan,  including the management of records related to clients and plan beneficiaries.


To comply with such requirements, the company hired the firm Dash Engenharia de Sistemas, a GeneXus agent that developed the tool in record time using Low-Code. This allowed significant timesaving in relation to other system development apps.


After two years of positive results with the tool, the company decided to go for its own GeneXus licenses, so it created a system development department to pursue the computerization process that commenced with the systems developed previously by Dash.

From there on, the health care plan of the Policlin Group acquired the status of a health care plan operator, and this called for adjustments in all their existing systems, to comply with regulations in place. This was made easy thanks to the effective GeneXus platform, both for new implementations, as well as for maintenance of the systems they were already operating with. 

The company also used the platform to develop a web portal for information exchange, in real time, with the providers of the medical network. They acquired licenses of the .Net version to automate all management and administration processes for the health care operator.

In addition to the initial systems developed with the GeneXus tool –such as Registry Controls, Invoicing, Medical Audits and Costs–, they also developed a web services management system that allowed for an agile authorization of services for nearly 50 thousand lives included in the beneficiary services portfolio. The system includes the possibility of electronically forwarding monthly medical bills generated by the 560 providers authorized in the Policlin network.
About Policlin Saúde

Policlin Saúde is an operator of health care plans in Brazil, duly registered at the national health agency known as ANS (“Agencia Nacional de Salud Complementaria”). Their quality policy for managing activities is focused on ethics, transparency, service of excellence and corporate strength. They strive to guarantee reliability and satisfaction for clients and also for employees, providers, shareholders, and society as a whole.

Most of all, Policlin Saúde is renowned by consumers, as well as by the medical community, providers and regulatory agencies, who consider the firm as an operator committed to enabling people access to the best medical resources available, while contributing to improve the populations’ quality of life.

Today, the operator Policlin Saúde maintains its system development team actively using GeneXus to update their current production systems, in addition to taking part in the creation of new solutions aligned with the evolving business of health care plans.

Antonio Carlos dos Santos, IT Manager at Policlin Saúde.