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Success story
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Klendar: The software that improves the customer experience!

Klendar is a digital platform designed to help freelancers —as well as those working in teams— to organize, track, and manage their tasks and services. It was developed by DigitalProjex, a software house focused on delivering products and services of excellence, from an innovative vision.

Accessing personalized software is something that, due to costs, may be unfeasible for a self-employed person or for a small or medium-sized organization (we are talking about centers, clinics or academies, to name a few examples).

This need of Klendar was experienced firsthand by Elena Amil, director of the Butterfly Medical Center, with offices in Treinta y Tres, and Montevideo (Uruguay), and now also the commercial manager of Klendar.

“An optimal shift management is essential to offer a good service to your customers. But this is a task that can be complicated because it takes time, which can be used in other activities such as getting new customers, publicizing your business or simply meeting other needs. Hiring a person to carry out this type of administrative work also implies an economic cost that not everyone can assume. All these circumstances motivated us to create software designed for all professionals who need to organize their business and services in an easy, automatic, and digital way”, explains Amil.

“How many messages or calls can you have with a patient or client until you find availability and a free match in the agendas? And if this is done with 10 or 20 people a day, how much time does this activity end up occupying? What moments are left to manage the administration of the business and dedicate more to the family, to rest, or to a hobby?”, Amil reflects on the workload of these tasks.

Another factor is immediacy. Today's users need answers in real time. “They don't like to wait. So you can be the best professional in your area, but the lack of practicality and a good tool that improves the experience of your clients can negatively affect your business”.

Klendar was developed with GeneXus as a responsive and mobile web application. A bot is in charge of carrying out the entire process of reservations, cancellations, and other functionalities.

“Thanks to GeneXus we have achieved a multichannel solution, developing state-of-the-art interfaces, and creating unique experiences for customers. The platform was developed with the Java generator and PostgreSQL as database engine. For us, GeneXus is a strategic partner that allows us to be at the forefront of technology, maintaining and updating the product automatically”, explains Matías Preciozzi, Co-founder of DigitalProjex.

Functions of Klendar
  • It allows companies to create a personalized web portal (with colors, logo, hours and location of the business by geolocation).
  • Through this portal, customers can register to access services such as a digital agenda (this is optional so that the user can choose the most convenient day and time) and view their future shifts.
  • Klendar is also responsible for reminding patients or clients of their upcoming appointments, allowing them to cancel or confirm the appointment from the reminder. With this, Klendar customers have been able to reduce absenteeism to appointments.
  • The platform also allows you to automatically record the history of customer service, allowing you to add reviews and comments.
  • Likewise, it is also possible to view the appointments attended, billing, most used services; create a customer database with the information considered most relevant; assign responsibilities and roles to the work team that uses the platform and much more.

Klendar has three monthly payment plans and the possibility of trying it free for one month.

About DigitalProjex

DigitalProjex is a company dedicated to the development and implementation of computer solutions. The team, made up of professionals in Information Technology, specializes in the development of useful and efficient solutions that allow companies to automate their processes and foster technological innovation.