Success story
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Germany relies on gribsAPP® Driver for large bakery deliveries

Get to know the German chain Stöhr-Brot and its mobile solution for delivery personnel, which successfully operates in branches and bakeries and was developed by GRibs® GmbH with GeneXus.

The German chain Stöhr-Brot is comprised of 3 production facilities, from which a wide range of baked goods are distributed to its 600 customers. To this end, it has 60 trucks that supply the region with a large amount of products on a daily basis, making more than 400 deliveries per day.
In order to make the daily work of delivery personnel easier and more integrated, GRibs® GmbH developed the mobile application gribsAPP® Driver. GRibs® GmbH, based in Sulz, Weilertalstraße, Germany, has been using the GeneXus platform for its development work since 2013.
gribsAPP® Driver is perfectly integrated with the bakery management software and GRIBS® ERP for bakeries through data sharing via web services.
On their mobile devices, drivers can automatically download the delivery data they need for their route. In turn, for taking orders and loading products, they can print a packing list with the mobile printer directly at the customer's premises or read the information and quantities on their phone.
Also, they can immediately enter any changes in the shipment due to stock shortages or interruptions in production.
Another benefit that delivery personnel now have is that before starting their route, they can see on the screen if any changes were made to the route and other specific data about the customers and products, which helps them to plan ahead and optimize their time.
When visiting a customer, the delivery agent can enter any changes in delivery and return quantities and immediately print the corresponding proof of delivery and return. If the customer does not order by phone or electronically at the head office, the driver can enter an order directly on his or her device.
At the end of the route, all the billing data is transferred via WLAN to the customer's central IT department.
More information and route analysis can be obtained on the cell phones and at the central office.
gribsAPP® Driver runs on regular smartphones and tablets with Android V8 mobile operating system and later. The minimum screen size is 5 inches, responsive.
Fast learning curve and fewer errors
In just one day, all the delivery agents learned to use the new technology, which has a highly intuitive interface and is designed to make their work easier. In turn, this resulted in fewer errors and had a positive impact on delivery productivity.
Mr. Harm Bartels, member of the management at Stöhr-Brot, says that:
“By using cell phones at a reasonable cost, implementation and maintenance costs could be significantly reduced. The user interface is very simple; therefore, the training and implementation effort was very low.”
“Seamless integration with central IT, immediate data entry and printing of the required documents at the customer's premises leads to higher quality and minimized typing and transmission errors.”
In addition, Günter Reißfelder from GRIBS shares his experience with GeneXus: “With no need for specialized knowledge to create applications, GeneXus provides all of this in one tool with a modern look and feel. It is also customizable, so additional customer requests can be easily and quickly developed and implemented.”
As a result of the new application adopted by the bakery, work time and efficiency of the delivery staff has been optimized, and the use of paper has been reduced. In addition, the administration area has also benefitted, as it no longer needs to enter data and customer inquiries are now less frequent.