Success story
Business Link
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Business Link: enterprise social network with AI chatbots for fiscal and tax consulting

A leading Italian company that offers fiscal, tax, management, and corporate operations consulting services to businesses, operating from four offices in Northern Italy and serving thousands of clients nationwide, sought to design and implement a comprehensive solution, including the involvement of AI consultants. The goal was to enable both the company and its users to collaborate within a network, ensuring timely access to information and fostering seamless communication, idea and initiative exchange, as well as facilitating virtual meetings.

This request led to the creation of Business Link, an enterprise social network for companies that provides a virtual space where companies in the network can communicate with each other and showcase their services. In this exclusive network, registered companies can also publish news, information, or simply comments, and decide which companies to follow, as well as interact with each other through video calls, chat, document exchange and more.
The network is a private web portal – which will soon be available for mobile – owned by Partecipa Innovation Holding, whose main company is Servizimpresa.
The solution was deployed in the second half of 2019 and became even more valuable in the first half of 2020 due to the spread of COVID-19. The platform that was already installed allowed Business Link companies to support their customers in a fully online context.
In addition to the social and collaborative features, more management solutions were added, such as:
Timeline for active and passive invoices
Cash flow management
Appointment scheduling
Integrated remote desktop.

Chatbots implemented with IBM Watson

Lastly, a Virtual Assistant was provided through an Artificial Intelligence engine (IBM Watson). It consists of two chatbots trained to interact intelligently with customers, and with the ability to answer hundreds of questions on the two topics most demanded by companies:
  • Privacy (GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Taxation and Accounting.

Technical features and integrations

RAND SOLUTIONS developed the entire solution in 9 months using our GeneXus Low-Code platform, and integrated GAM for security and WorkWithPlus.
For the Remote Desktop component, Anydesk was integrated, while the open source solution Jitsi was integrated with the component for virtual meetings, customizing the interface and integrating GeneXus functions; in this way, the network also manages meetings.