Success story
Ayuntamiento de Blumenau
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Blumenau City Council automates services with GeneXus technology

Employees and taxpayers of the public agency of the state of Santa Catarina improve productivity and agility with a tool that supports the workflow to meet people's needs. The goal is to have all processes automated within two years.

In the City Council of Blumenau, a municipality in the state of Santa Catarina, some citizen requests can already be digitally carried out. From applying for permits, to accessing e-Sic (Electronic System of the City Information Service), or booking a place in the childcare center can now be made electronically. The entire application goes into a public agency workflow that facilitates the execution of the process.
The increase in employee productivity and the agility provided to taxpayers were accomplished thanks to the adoption of a workflow tool created by GeneXus, a global developer of solutions based on Artificial Intelligence. The solution called GeneXus BPM Suite has already automated part of the processes, and the objective is to extend its use to have all applications automated within two years, benefiting more than 300 thousand citizens. The project was developed by i4 Intelligence for Innovation, a regional partner of GeneXus.     

According to Julio Cesar Silva, Director of Systems and Innovation at the City Council of Blumenau, workflow automation has helped to increase efficiency by removing unnecessary steps. This has allowed for the relocation of employees to more strategic activities, thus increasing the City Council's capacity to provide services.
Another advantage of this automation project highlighted by Mr. Silva is the reliability and security of information achieved by eliminating typographical errors and loss of documents. As a result, costs are reduced regarding both internal processes and movements of people, because systems can be accessed and requests can be made from any location. “It is an advantage at times like this when telecommuting is adopted due to the coronavirus pandemic. We can continue working online without compromising our deadlines and execution flows,” stresses the City Council representative.
According to Eric Boeing, i4's Consultant and Head of Development who was in charge of the project, the use of technology so far has benefited approximately 15,000 people, including city council employees and citizens.