GX29 Builders: Final program of sessions and activities now available on the web, Android, and iOS!

3 days and 180 activities that you can schedule from the GX29 Builders App. The GeneXus Meeting starts next Monday 23 and lasts until Wednesday 25. There will be more than 150 activities offered by experts and keynote speakers from the region, with content that explores the latest developments in the software industry, including innovation, blockchain, IoT, big data, Artificial Intelligence, autonomous vehicles, global experiences with Design Systems, and transport in the future.

The 3-day program -23-25 September- for the 29th GeneXus Meeting GX29 Builders is available.

You can see it in the GeneXus Meeting or download the GX29 App to your mobile (Android or iOS)

The following topics will be addressed: 

Technology: Development with GeneXus, Architecture (Cloud, API, Integration, Serverless), DevOps (Planning, Testing, Integration, Configuration, Monitoring), Security, Testing.
Innovation: IoT, AI (Cognitive Services, Machine Learning, Deep Learning), Chatbots, Blockchain.
Soft Professional Skills: Methodology (Agile, PMP), Management, Leadership.
Business: Digital transformation, New business models, Solutions.
UX/Design: Design Systems, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Omnichannel UX.

Must-attend Presentations

This year, GeneXus will bring Bibop Gresta, President of Hyperloop TT, who will come to Uruguay for the first time to talk about how he will transform the world of transport with his disruptive project.

A high-value presentation from the perspective of a global experience will be given by Alejandro Urrutia, a Uruguayan entrepreneur who has been living in China for 7 years and founded Snapp, a design tool that improves efficiency and productivity for UI designers, and was built drawing on his experience leading large design teams at companies such as DJI and Huawei. Surely he has a lot to tell us about the User Interface and its relevance, in addition to everything that is going on in China in terms of design!
Other presentations that will be the talk of GX29 and beyond:
This year’s presentation by technology influencer Eliax, always eagerly awaited and surprising, will be about the powers of automation; the certainly inspiring talk of Pipe Stein (Notable); the presentation by Fernando Brum to catch up with innovation and its public funding strategies (National Agency for Research and Innovation - ANII); presentations by Sylvia Chebi and Flavio Caiafa about the ecosystem of technology startups (ThalesLab); Daniel Fernández Koprich (from Memética Chile) will talk about Business in the Digital Age; Wilson Pais, Roberto Icasuriaga and Eduardo Mangarelli (Microsoft LATAM) will address topics related to Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and ethics; Alberto Oppenheimer (SAP) will speak about digital integration and transformation in smart companies. And the list goes on! There are many other presentations, in addition to the brilliant opening and closing talks by GeneXus Directors Nicolás Jodal and Breogán Gonda. View them all here.
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GX29 Builders!
23-25 September, 2019 / RADISSON MONTEVIDEO