GX29 Builders: Building a Great GeneXus Meeting Together

This Year's GeneXus Meeting will take place on 23-25 September in Montevideo. Once again, there will be 4000 attendees from 30 countries who, in 3 intense days, will share knowledge about cutting-edge software and intelligent business with technology and innovation leaders. we look forward to seeing you there!

Part of our culture in the GeneXus Community is to be builders. For more than 30 years, we've been building applications that simplify business processes and strengthen the foundations of smart businesses. We're thousands of developers around the world who live by it: Builders! This constructive nature is what we will celebrate at the next GeneXus Meeting, GX29 Builders on 23-25 September 2019 at the Radisson Convention Center (Montevideo, Uruguay).

Regarding what has been built and what will possibly be built with software, GeneXus CEO Nicolás Jodal, makes the following reflection: “We live in a world where it's becoming increasingly necessary to produce software quickly and intelligently. Given the immense amount of data and the speed of our times, developing the best technology can be a daunting task, or we can take these data and rely on the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence, along with its increasingly intelligent sensors and algorithms, to build a society that acts much more accurately based on decisions that analyze interdependent relationships.” 

We are immersed in a context in which fixed and immovable features have become obsolete to give rise to a dynamic variable state, where everything changes constantly; our current society is founded on this new architecture of Deep Learning algorithms and sensors that provide senses of perception to Artificial Intelligence. Reality and the digital world interact in a two-way manner: reality becomes digital data and from the digital world a new tangible reality emerges, transformed into a more intelligent materiality: one that has integrated software. Digital transformation is a fact.

GX29 Builders will address all these topics related to the convergence of Artificial Intelligence and intelligent business, augmented reality and the IOT to innovate, creating applications and business solutions that help companies to be more productive and focus on what really matters: generating and building more and better business in this digital context.

We are building a future of possibilities with augmented reality, the IoT and a new knowledge-based society. You need to be fast not to be left behind, and it becomes almost impossible to keep up with the world in a traditional software development model. We at GeneXus have managed to build highly sophisticated software, which, as far as we know, is unique in automatically creating code at a speed never before possible in the computer world. This tool helps to build, among other things, the intelligent future we have been talking about for several years,” concludes Mr. Jodal.


Trending Topics: Artificial Intelligence, autonomous vehicles, transport in the future...

The program containing more than 150 presentations will address the following trends and current topics:
Technology: Development with GeneXus, Architecture (Cloud, API, Integration, Serverless), DevOps (Planning, Testing, Integration, Configuration, Monitoring), Security, Testing.
Innovation: IoT, AI (Cognitive Services, Machine Learning, Deep Learning), Chatbots, Blockchain.
Soft Professional Skills: Methodology (Agile, PMP), Management, Leadership. 
Business: Digital transformation. New business models, Solutions.
UX/Design: Design Systems, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Omnichannel UX.

The following keynote speakers have already been announced: Bibop G. Gresta, co-founder and president of Hyperloop TT (the innovative aerospace transport project); technology influencer Eliax, and Alejandro Urrutia, from Uruguay, founder of Snapp and former design director at companies such as DJI and Huawei. More speakers will be announced soon.

GeneXus Directors Nicolás Jodal and Breogán Gonda will open and close the conference.

In sum, at GX29 we will conclude this great work to start new, ambitious projects.
Let's build together the next GeneXus Meeting GX29 Builders!
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GX29 to stream all presentations live

The best option is to attend in person and share the energy and synergy - magic! - experienced during these 3 days. However, even though the Meeting is accessible and inclusive in nature, since you only have to register for free to attend, we know that sometimes it is impossible to travel due to distance or work reasons. That's why streaming will be available to allow thousands of people to meet online and attend all activities on the GX29 website.

GX29 Builders!