GeneXus GX29 meeting: the most important technology and business event in Latin America.

GX28 Highlights! announcements and outstanding topics for the GeneXus Community

From the release of GeneXus 16 –with all the power necessary to build multiexperience apps– to what is coming up in relation to Blockchain, IOT and self-driving cars. Below is a list of the outstanding topics in GeneXus, linked to videos from the GX28 Meeting.

#1 GeneXus 16

Five hundred enhancements for GeneXus 15, released by way of upgrades, as part of a new method for updating our software!

Here is a summary of the central features of GeneXus 16:
  • User experience, integration and usability
    • Easy to adopt
    • Multi-Experience
      • Design Systems
      • Chatbots
      • Analytics
      • UX - Flexible Layouts, Animations
    • Security
      • Data protection
      • SSO with any Oauth 2.0 provider (Office 365, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.)
    • Integration
      • GeneXus Artificial Intelligence
      • ODATA
      • Kafka
      • Socket API
      • Payment APIs (Stripe, Paypal, Mercadopago, etc.)
      • Maps
    • New Generators
      • .NET Core
      • Apple Watch
      • Apple TV
      • Support for latest Apple Devices (iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, Watch 40mm & 44mm)
    • DevOps
      • Jenkins Integration
      • Unit Testing
      • Deployment
        • Docker
        • Paas
        • Serverless
    • Welcome China
      • Chinese IDE
      • APIs for China / Payment / Maps, etc.
    • Full suite ready
      • Editions
        • GeneXus for SAP Systems
        • Trial / Learning
      • GeneXus Server
      • GeneXus Flow
    • All Partners ready
  • BlockChain
  • GeneXus Platform
    • GeneXus M
    • Knowledge Matrix
    • GeneXus Server
  • GXTest 4
  • Angular Beta
  • Welcome Dubai
    • IDE in Arabic
    • Right To Left support

#2 Inteligencia Artificial

During last year’s Meeting, artificial intelligence was a central issue, with particular emphasis on AI being used for image recognition and natural language processing. At GX28, we went for more, and these conferences are proof of that!

#3 IOT

By now, the Internet of Things has already become a much more mature technology, with sensors and data transmuting a variety of scenarios within the industry and in society in general. No doubt about that, right? Watch these presentations!

#4 Self-driving cars

Self-driving cars attended the Meeting from beginning to end, with a track included! The impact on agriculture and other services were some of the opportunities considered. The discussion also included this technology’s evolution and future.

  5# Blockchain

Despite the fact that Nicolás Jodal had already approached the subject a couple of years before in relation to bitcoins, there is no doubt that 2018 is the year of Blockchain, with a more finely defined concept and specific applications. Some novel enterprises have appeared to provide blockchain services.



180 conferences on software development trends, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, new business models, and innovation are just a few of the many topics you will find. And you have free access to all of it!


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