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Integrate mobile applications into your business


Your company needs a digital transformation and dynamic applications integrated into your business systems in the fastest and most efficient way possible. In this context, GeneXus' Mobile Application Generator is the smartest solution to digitally transform your enterprise.

This Mobile Application Generator will allow you to create enterprise and end user applications for any Android, iOS (iPad and iPhone) in an agile and secure way.


Describe the application that your business requires with no need to worry about technology.

Test and improve

With GeneXus, automatically generate native applications for any platform.


Publish the applications you need in the desired cloud with a single click.
GeneXus Mobile Generator
Create native apps integrated into your business
With the GeneXus Mobile Generator, you can easily create agile and secure applications for Android, iOS, Apple Watch, and Apple TV, seamlessly integrated into your business systems.
With more than 9,000 companies in 50 countries, GeneXus helps customers manage, simplify and secure their enterprises with open, standards-based software.
The GeneXus Way
Describe the application that your business requires with no need to worry about technology.
With GeneXus, automatically generate native applications for any platform.
Publish with one click the applications you need in the cloud of your choice and iterate to evolve.
Create applications for the following languages
With GeneXus and the Generator for Mobile Devices, you can create applications in the following languages.
Native Mobile

Java for Android

Swift for iOS

Kotlin for Android
Web & Mobile




Key features
Dynamic, native, and integrated
The latest in UI/UX
With the GeneXus Generator and the tool Import Design from Figma or Sketch, you will be able to build fully native applications while delivering a high-quality experience and the best performance.
Offline Applications
Generate mobile applications that can work online and offline, automatically solving data synchronization. This makes it possible to run transactions in limited connectivity scenarios.
Live Editing
Live Editing will allow you to view your application's design and operation during the creation and editing stages. With no need to compile or generate again! Increase your productivity by accelerating prototype design and development, and time-to-market.
Easy all-around integration
GeneXus allows you to quickly extend and integrate all kinds of systems, including legacy systems (Cobol, RPG, Visual FoxPro, etc.). Easily create native mobile applications integrated into your current systems.
Total Experience with GeneXus
Combine Customer Experience, User Experience, and Employee Experience to generate a new total experience.
Easy integration for your mobile applications
System integration with GeneXus
With GeneXus and the Mobile generator, you can build native applications integrated to your current systems. In addition, you will be able to develop new functionalities and extend your systems, as well as access and work with your information from different platforms.
GeneXus for SAP Systems
With GeneXus, you can create extensions to SAP systems that are Native Mobile applications and reduce the costs of developing complementary software. Do you want to innovate at the speed of light while keeping costs under control and your current systems running?
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