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WorkWithPlus and DVelop at the GeneXus Meeting - GX30

This prominent presence at the event demonstrates WorkWithPlus and DVelop's commitment to the GeneXus community and their strong belief in the power of automation, productivity, and improving the user experience in software development.

WorkWithPlus and DVelop, leading companies in the development of software solutions based on GeneXus, confirm their participation as Gold sponsors at the GeneXus Meeting 2023, which will take place from November 28 to 30 at the Radisson Hotel Convention Center in Montevideo, Uruguay.

During these three days, attendees can visit the WorkWithPlus and DVelop booth to meet and interact with the team and participate in activities where they can win prizes.

It will also be a great opportunity to enjoy their live talks, where they will unveil new trends, features, and much more!

As part of the event, DVelop will give a talk on the experience of developing Mini Apps with GeneXus.

From WorkWithPlus, Product Managers Eugenia Álvarez and Felipe Herrera will discuss the latest updates to enhance solutions and provide a preview of the roadmap. In another talk, Francisco Rosello, Support Manager, and Sofia Maiolo, CCO, will explain the features that WorkWithPlus offers to create powerful Mission-Critical Systems in record time.

"We are very excited to reunite at GX30 and share all the innovations we have been working on in recent months. The big topic of the year is Artificial Intelligence, and that's why we will be presenting the new features of WorkWithPlus that allow the GeneXus community to harness the power of AI in their projects with a single click and zero development cost. We have planned several surprises that you will love. Come to our booth and attend the talks to chat with our team and don't miss anything," says Sofia Maiolo.

WorkWithPlus with AI

WorkWithPlus has been present in GeneXus Next for several months, and the new version of WorkWithPlus includes a new exclusive feature based on AI: "AI intent-based navigation." This is more technically precise.

"Imagine having the ability to provide end-users with a very simple way to explore their data and gain insights by writing their intentions in natural language. Our new functionality does just that: using AI, it determines the intention of end-users and displays data in the best possible way based on the determined intention. We do this by integrating with GeneXus Enterprise AI, the product developed by GeneXus that facilitates the connection and use of Large Language Models (LLMs) from various sources," explains Maiolo.

All this complexity is encapsulated for development teams using WorkWithPlus, following their philosophy of simplicity and maximum productivity. With zero development cost and in a few minutes, they can incorporate this resource into any application already using WorkWithPlus. Those who do not use our tool can adopt it quickly.

"We want to bring the power of AI to the entire GeneXus community. This functionality is our starting point for developing more and more complex features based on Artificial Intelligence and the latest technological trends. At GX30, we will present all the innovations."

The latest version includes improvements in Developer Experience and features to continue enabling the creation of applications with amazing user experiences. Learn more about the recent features in the webinar: What's New in WorkWithPlus: AI, dynamic forms, and much more!

About WorkWithPlus

WorkWithPlus originated as a spin-off from DVelop Software Solutions, a custom software services company with over 15 years of experience in the international market and a community of more than 5,000 developers and over 20 distribution partners.

Product Suite:
  • WorkWithPlus for Web
    Empowers web development, increasing productivity by 4x and creating applications with excellent user experiences.
  • WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile
    Follows the same philosophy as WorkWithPlus for Web but for native application development, both Android and iOS.
  • WorkWithPlus for Business Intelligence
    Enables conversational business analytics in applications generated with GeneXus.
  • WorkWithPlus for Audit
    Generates audit trails by adding triggers to the database, allowing information traceability.
  • WorkWithPlus for VideoCall
    Adds omni-channel video calls to web and mobile applications.

About DVelop

DVelop Software Solutions is a custom software development company focused on increasing its clients' competitive advantage through agile work and the use of Low-Code technology, allowing development times up to ten times faster compared to other platforms and methodologies.

DVelop has been working for 15 years to be a long-term technology partner, helping small, medium, and large companies to drive innovation, scale, and compete effectively. They combine productivity, experience, and a long-term technological vision, with a portfolio of over 700 successful projects for clients in Panama, Mexico, the United States, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay in various industries, including Finance, Telecommunications, Retail, Government, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Forestry, Educational Institutions, and more.