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We have released GeneXus 18 Upgrade 4!

We are pleased to announce that GeneXus 18 Upgrade 4, the powerful and latest version of our Low-Code Software Development Platform, is now available.

The updates, which include over 300 enhancements, bring a range of cutting-edge features that further improve the experience for our users, providing them with functionalities that will be crucial in the systems their businesses will demand in the near future.

"GeneXus 18 Upgrade 4 promotes KB modularization, allows observation through the OpenTelemetry standard, and strengthens our commitment to future readiness by updating the Angular generator to work with Angular 16 and the SAP Fiori Pattern to support SAP Horizon. It is a required update for those using Google Analytics in web applications. Additionally, it improves stability and security as usual," explains Armin Bachmann, GeneXus Product Manager.

Here are some of the most important highlights:

Modularization of Knowledge Bases (KBs)

With this update, GeneXus 18 encourages the modularization of Knowledge Bases, revolutionizing how developers manage and use modules. Now, NuGet is supported as a module server type, and the NuGet repository manager is recommended for storing them. The automatic dependency management feature simplifies the installation process by handling dependencies automatically, making module management and usage easier.

Observability through the OpenTelemetry Standard

GeneXus 18 now offers observability capabilities through the OpenTelemetry standard. Developers can obtain valuable insights into the performance and behavior of their applications, facilitating tracking and troubleshooting.

Advancements in the Angular Generator

Continuing our commitment to future-proofing so that our customers can focus on the business while GeneXus focuses on the technology, the Angular Generator now works with Angular 16.

Each Angular update involves a significant amount of work for those writing Angular code manually. In the case of GeneXus, this effort is absorbed by the team maintaining the generator, and as a result, the GeneXus community only needs to regenerate the code, which now corresponds to Angular version 16.

In addition, various optimizations have been implemented, resulting in faster initial loading times and optimized performance for end-users. The UI Attribute/Variable Edit and TextBlock controls have been optimized for greater simplicity, making them faster and lighter. Deferred loading of images has been improved, using native browser implementations to reduce the initial load weight and improve image loading times. Additionally, pop-ups can now be easily closed using the Escape key on the keyboard.

We invite you to explore the new sample, WanderNest, inspired by the popular lodging platform Airbnb.

Web Generators

The Google Analytics Control has been updated to support Google Analytics 4, offering enhanced analytics capabilities for web applications. For PDF reporting in Java, developers can now choose between PDFBox and iText 2.x or 8.x, providing flexibility and convenience based on licensing needs.

Cloud Native and DevOps

Upgrade 4 introduces various Cloud Native and DevOps features, including support for Azure CosmosDB-triggered functions, improved observability through OpenTelemetry, and the ability to package Java sources as .NET sources. Additionally, session state provider properties can now be configured directly from the IDE for .NET projects.

GeneXus for SAP Systems

The GeneXus for SAP Systems package introduces a new System Design, SAP Fiori Horizon, which provides developers with enhanced user interface capabilities. Two new features have also been added: Grid Expanded Line and Grid Column Title Group (Multiline), offering more options for dynamic and interactive SAP Fiori patterns. Furthermore, GeneXus demonstrates its commitment to providing real-world examples with the new "GeneXus for SAP Systems - Showcase" sample.


The GXflow inbox now includes column filters, simplifying task management and organization for users.

Testing Improvements

In GeneXus 18, web controllers are automatically managed, streamlining the testing process and ensuring seamless integration with GXtest. The CompareImage command has also been improved, allowing developers to configure color difference tolerance for more precise visual testing.

You can find everything about GeneXus 18 Upgrade 4 on our wiki.

If you haven't experienced the Power of creating software with GeneXus yet, we invite you to explore the Superpowers of GeneXus 18 and contact our sales team for more information.