Valkimia, new GeneXus Distributor in Chile

The technology company Valkimia, which has been developing enterprise software solutions for more than 20 years, has become the official distributor of GeneXus in Chile this year 2023, expanding the growth of the brand in that country.

Valkimia, which also has offices in Buenos Aires and Rosario (Argentina), is formed by a multidisciplinary team that includes more than 150 IT professionals and business consultants.

"In Chile, we are committed to generating a community through GeneXus, not only by developing agile and productive solutions but also by collaborating in the training of new talents through academic agreements. Our goal is to accompany people and companies in their growth, focusing on satisfying their needs", says Marcelo Vásquez, Managing Director of Valkimia, Chile.

Chile was the first country in the world, after Uruguay, to use GeneXus technology. "We have been in Chile for more than 30 years. We have customers in all industries, including retail, agriculture, salmon farming, automotive, software houses, financial sector, among others. Valkimia's arrival in Chile is a great opportunity for organizations looking for secure, quality, state-of-the-art software development. We are very excited about this new alliance", says Rodrigo Silvera, Regional Manager of GeneXus.