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Upgrade 3 for GeneXus 17: Important updates and news!

This update is coming on strong as Release Candidate for the Angular generator, testing novelties, and a significant update that makes things easier for new privacy requirements in Apple Store

Upgrade 3 for GeneXus 17 calls for a special announcement! 

Apart from maximizing GeneXus’ multi-experience feature, in brings along the Release Candidate for the Angular generator –one of the top frontend development frameworks. Its main advantages include speed, performance, productivity, and agile and quick prototyping. In this article, you will find out everything about the Angular Release Candidate.

For the testing area, it includes a new Test Suite object meant to allow the definition of a test sequence to be executed in the order specified, with several execution configurations. “With this new object, it is much easier to define and maintain groups of tests for different scenarios, like separating basic tests from the more complex ones, or separating by functional areas or by release stages, among other possibilities that allow the configuration of the options most appropriate for each case,” commented José Lamas, GXtest Product Manager. 

The AppTrackingTransparency property has been added in accordance with the new privacy requirements applicable for the publication of apps in the Apple Store. 

Additionally, Upgrade 3 for GeneXus 17 also includes significant security enhancements in GAM that refer to the management of sessions at the start, and Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL updates, besides other improvements that optimize the applications’ underlying technology and performance. 

For full details on Upgrade 3 for GeneXus 17, visit the GeneXus Community Wiki

Download  U3 for GeneXus 17

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