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U 10 GeneXus 17: Design and Multi-experience

This new upgrade, empowered and integrated with Figma, is accompanied by a new sample that verifies the development speed for multiple devices using our generators of Angular, iOS and Android. Read on to find out what other new features you will come across, as well as all the links of interest.

With your upgrade to the U10 of GeneXus 17 you will be experiencing the power of the features it brings along. 

The DesignOps process is strengthened with the integration of designs originating in Figma and a greater support by Design System Objects in Angular.

Using this upgrade, those designers who are Figma lovers may provide their designs made on this tool for them to be integrated into the GeneXus knowledge bases, to then quickly obtain prototypes built by GeneXus.

There are also news relative to the Apple generator, which includes the generation of XCFrameworks modules to be used in iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS, which implies advantages for modularizing and, in general, a state-of-the-art internal architecture for these solutions. 
Additionally, Upgrade 10 also improves the DevOps processes, making the creation of API prototypes easier than ever. Among other enhancements, it includes new capabilities in its components for testing while enabling the implementation of secure backends in serverless environments of AWS. 

→ Read about the sample built with U10 in this article of the GeneXus Blog: PlantCare: sample of multi-device app created with Sketch in record time.

→ Find out all details on  Upgrade 10 of Genexus 17 in the Community Wiki.

Download U10 of GeneXus 17