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New GeneXus API for MercadoPago

With this full API, the GeneXus Community is able to develop a web or smart device application to accept payments through the Internet in a very simple and safe way. Want to see an example and include this solution in your app right away?

The possibility for SD apps –both iOS and Android- developed with GeneXus to accept payments with credit or debit cards, or with other payment option used in different countries, has been included in the SDK that was made available two years ago for supporting online payments in web systems

This is good news for the GeneXus Community, because the payment with cards has some security-related specificities, and the process may be automatically solved with the new functions included in the SDK.

Visit the GeneXus Community Wiki to find technical details on the cycle implied in credit card payments.
Want to see this  integration through the new GeneXus SDK for MercadoPago

Find an example here and download the KB to include it in your solution right now.
You might also be interested in reading everything about GeneXus SDK for MercadoPago in the GeneXus Community Wiki.