Mexico: GeneXus for Students tour around the main Academic institutions

Our GeneXus Technical Evangelist, Anibal Gonda, is on a tour around universities in Mexico to promote GeneXus among students, make agreements, and talk about IT. See the schedule here!


Aníbal Gonda, GeneXus Technical Evangelist, will make an exclusive tour of the country's main institutions to talk about the Power of Making Software with GeneXus.

Conferences and practical workshops will be held, and the first university laboratory will be inaugurated: GeneXus Learning Lab, at the Bilingual, International and Sustainable Technological University of Puebla.

In the 10-day Mexico tour, in addition to inaugurating the GeneXus Learning Lab, the following institutions will be visited:

- Polytechnic University of Puebla.

- Superior Technological Institute of Atlixco.

- National Chamber of the Transformation Industry Puebla delegation.

- Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla.

- Loyola University of the Pacific.

- American University of Acapulco.

- School of Accounting and Administration of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

- Technological Institute of Tlalnepantla.