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K2B Tools to Drive the Technological Revolution with AI at GX30

During the GeneXus Meeting 2023, K2B Tools will present a talk on Artificial Intelligence, Design Systems, and User Experience. Additionally, they will have a booth where attendees can learn all about K2B Tools 15, its latest version, and the integration of AI to enhance the creation of user experiences.

K2B Tools, the premier tool suite with extensive experience in the GeneXus community, is thrilled to announce its prominent participation as a Gold Sponsor at the GeneXus Meeting - GX30, scheduled from November 28 to 30 at the Radisson Hotel Convention Center in Montevideo, Uruguay.

In the Exhibitors' Zone, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the K2B Tools booth and engage with those behind this Patterns technology, which enables the reduction of development time and complexity in applications created with GeneXus.

Representatives from K2B Tools will be available to provide live demonstrations, address inquiries, and offer detailed information about the latest updates and features of their products.

Moreover, K2B Tools will actively contribute to knowledge exchange through specialized presentations, such as the talk "K2B Tools: Boost Your UX with Artificial Intelligence and New Design Systems." Here, Federico Dominioni, Technical Manager, will showcase how Artificial Intelligence has influenced the functionalities of K2B Tools, introducing innovations like the option to add Calendars to applications, elevating the user experience to another level.

Undoubtedly, this will be a great opportunity to learn all about the release of K2B Tools 15, the version designed to further facilitate the lives of GeneXus developers and enhance the experience of end users. Details about the new generation of Aries designs, the Design System of K2B Tools, and the integration of Artificial Intelligence for creating UX with intent-based navigation will also be unveiled.

"We are thrilled to participate in the GeneXus Meeting 2023. It will be an exceptional opportunity to connect with passionate professionals and share our expertise in software development. We are eager to showcase why K2B Tools is a leader in the GeneXus community," emphasized Dominioni.

K2B Tools' participation in the thirtieth edition of the GeneXus Meeting not only highlights its position as a leader in technological solutions but also presents a valuable opportunity for attendees to establish direct connections with the K2B Tools team. Getting to know the experts behind these innovative solutions can provide a unique perspective and contribute to the professional growth and development of participants and their organizations.

For more information about K2B Tools' participation in the GeneXus Meeting 2023, you can follow them on their social media channels: LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook, X and Instagram.

K2B Tools AI Bootcamp

As the grand finale, on Friday, December 1, K2B Tools will organize the K2B Tools AI Bootcamp at the Ceilab Room of the Latu Events Center (Saldún 2037, Montevideo, Uruguay), from 10 am to 1 pm.

This event is in-person, with limited slots, and requires prior registration.

The activity will allow participants to delve even deeper into the capabilities and practical applications of Artificial Intelligence in software development.

About K2B Tools

K2B Tools is composed of a specialized R&D team dedicated to building tools that automate the best development practices, incorporating innovative technologies into GeneXus applications. Their mission is to provide tools that offer greater productivity, quality, and conceptual integrity to applications.

K2B Tools consolidates its experience in developing large applications for companies such as K2B and GeneXus Consulting, among other companies in the GeneXus community, which use K2B Tools for the development of all their applications.

About the GeneXus Meeting - GX30

The GeneXus Meeting is the most significant Technology, Innovation, and Business Event in Latin America. 

During GX30, the new edition, there will be more than 150 activities attended by over 3,500 people from all around the world.

The event is specially designed for the GeneXus Community, providing an environment for learning and debate.

Covering themes related to Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Testing, Mobility, Security, and User Experience, among others. The GeneXus Meeting will focus on innovation and trends in the IT world.

Featuring several distinguished speakers, including Ichak Adizes, the consultant and creator of the Adizes Methodology®, a proven system to accelerate change and create healthy and high-performance organizations.

This event promises to be unforgettable. Don't miss it. Reserve your spot by registering at genexus.com/GX30.


GeneXus Meeting - GX30
Date: November 28, 29, and 30
Time: 9 am to 6 pm
Location: Radisson Hotel Montevideo

K2B Tools AI Bootcamp
Date: Friday, December 1
Time: 10 am to 1 pm
Location: Ceilab Room, Latu Events Center (Saldún 2037)