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Important announcement from GeneXus: Updates required due to changes in Facebook and Google APIs

Android and iOS applications with Facebook and Google integration may have to be updated in the next few weeks.

Dear Colleagues,

Technological advancements -especially those related to the development of mobile applications- are taking place at dizzying speed. In addition, our applications are becoming increasingly integrated into third-party applications, and to this end they increasingly use the APIs they provide. GeneXus strives to maintain compatibility with these APIs and avoid the need for its users to change GeneXus code in order to adapt to these changes, but in some cases -due to disruptive changes- applications must be updated.

In this context, some native Android and iOS applications generated with GeneXus will have to be updated in the following weeks so as to keep working. The reason is that Facebook and Google have made disruptive changes to their APIs (in native SDKs, Service Interface or associated Policies) which require systems to be updated.

In particular, the following must be updated:

  • Android applications that use Facebook Button Control or PostToWall method; otherwise, these features will no longer be operational after March 27, 2017. UPDATE*
  • iOS or Android applications that use Google login in GAM; otherwise, they will no longer be able to authenticate with this method after April 20, 2017.

    The changes to GeneXus will be made available in the next few days in the preview channel of GeneXus 15 Upgrade 4. No changes to the GeneXus programming will be required; however, the applications will have to be regenerated.

Those who need to update their applications for this reason and don't use GeneXus 15 Upgrade 3 yet, or even a preview of Upgrade 4, are invited to update their installations as soon as possible in order to be ready when GeneXus releases these changes, and to make sure their applications continue to provide the same functionalities. 

*A notification will be sent as soon as the version that implements these changes becomes available.

Update on 03/22/2017: A preview has been published to implement the integration of Android applications with Facebook API. More information here

For more information, contact

Best regards,
The GeneXus Team