GX28: The power of doing!

The 28th GeneXus International Meeting is coming up!
this year, the largest Business, Technology Innovation & Development event in Latin America honors its powerful global community of software developers under the slogan The Power Of Doing.  GX28 will take place at the Radisson Hotel in Montevideo on September 24-26, 2018 and registration is now enabled.

For more than 30 years we have known that GeneXus' success is based on and enhanced by its powerful global community of more than 120,000 developers and distributors in 45 countries all over the world.

The power of doing is the strength of diversity, of building in a simple and flexible way the complex systems that have become necessary in our time. In the words of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Breogán Gonda: “The power of doing is the power of what we were doing as Artificial Intelligence was emerging. A power that is manifested in the persistence of our paradigm –describing instead of programming– as well as in the sense of belonging and geographical expansion of our Community, which was created in Uruguay in 1989 and is now present all over the world, even in China and Japan!” In this sense, the strength conveyed by the Community is honored at GX28.

GeneXus technology trends and news at the Meeting

One of the main announcements at GX28 The Power of Doing will be the release of the latest technology that the Beta tester Community has been testing during 2017: GeneXus 16. “We're looking forward to meet our great Community of doers to show them what we've been working on with the R+D team regarding user experience, security, integration, and DevOps. There will also be announcements about GeneXus M, the cross-platform IDE that will run on Linux and OSX platforms”, says Gastón Milano, GeneXus CTO.

As usual, thousands of people will meet –both in person and online via streaming– to share experiences and attend about 200 activities related to some of these topics:

  • Development, management, and business methodologies: DevOps, Planning, Testing, Integration, Configuration, Monitoring.


  • Design in software development: Visual Design, Interaction Design, Omnichannel UX, Design Systems.


  • Software development with GeneXus: integration with other platforms, experiences with GeneXus for SAP Systems, architecture, security and testing. Technological innovations in GeneXus 16.


  • Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things: Cognitive Services, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, ChatBot and BlockChain.

The list of activities is being drawn up, and the Call for speakers will be open until August 10.

At the Meeting's website you can now register to attend for free and, if you're traveling from abroad, in this page you can choose the hotel that best suits your needs, with special rates for GX28 attendees.

Success stories to share: what the Community is doing!

At GX28 our large community of developers will share several use cases and successful experiences in software development with GeneXus.

Registration for the competition The Power of Doing with GeneXus will be open until August 30 for software houses, startups, corporations, institutions or freelance developers to showcase their GeneXus developments, with a chance of winning the airline ticket award and three nights' hotel accommodation, if they are from abroad.


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GX28 The Power of Doing!