GeneXus Tilo Beta 1 released!

It includes all of GeneXus’ multi-platform features, new scenarios, a revamped IDE, and new features for Web and Mobile development. In addition, it allows for offline application development and Windows 8 generation. Try the enhanced experience of GeneXus Tilo Beta 1!

Thanks to our early adopters, we’re now releasing an optimized version of GeneXus for beta testing. From now on, the beta testing process is open to our entire audience, so as to prepare for #GX23 with the valuable input of our global developer community.
What are the benefits of participating in the beta testing process of GXtilo? The greatest benefit of all is the opportunity to be part of the development process of the most innovative version of GeneXus and customize it to specific needs. In addition, it allows you to be at the forefront of the IT industry and experience today's most popular and relevant technologies.

GeneXus Tilo’s key features include the following:
Offline Mobile Applications
One of the features most frequently requested by our corporate customers has become a reality: offline mobile applications for Android and iOS systems. As a result, data management applications can now be used in low-connectivity contexts such as underground facilities, warehouses, hospitals, etc. This feature is also useful for applications used in POS or events held in places where there is low or no Internet connectivity. In sum, now you can continue running transactions in corporate applications with no web access, and synchronization automatically takes places when the Internet connection is restored.
Improved user experience and interface for generating mobile applications
GeneXus Tilo will also include new transitions and transformations, a wide range of animations, enhanced gesture support, additional advanced controls and greatly improved user experience and interface (drag and drop features, animations and other components).
Windows 8
The ability to generate applications for Windows 8 with GeneXus is an advantage when developing applications. In this beta version, GeneXus completes its smart device offering which already included Android, BlackBerry and iOS generators.
Windows 8 generation provides new business opportunities for corporations and software houses, as their apps can be showcased in the Microsoft app store to support their branding efforts.
In this video, Eduardo Mangarelli, Director of Technology, Developers & Platform Group at Microsoft Latin America, announces GeneXus new developments at the 22nd GeneXus Event (October 1, 2012).
Improved user experience and interface for generating web applications
In GeneXus Tilo, web applications are more sophisticated, bringing additional flexibility and user experience improvements. Web notifications, interoperability, Single Page - SEO friendly applications, and a simplified event-triggering scheme are the main features included in the web application generator shipped with the Tilo version.
Knowledge Base Modularization
This is one of the most important features related to the developer's experience. Modules are GeneXus objects designed to simplify the organization, integration and maintenance of a Knowledge Base.
The incorporation of Modules for GeneXus Knowledge Bases makes the programming of sophisticated systems easier to manage and understand. Modular programming allows dividing systems into subsets in order to simplify teamwork; therefore, this new feature of GeneXus Tilo will benefit small and large applications alike.

*Watch examples of GXtilo in production:

Offline Mobile Applications:
Windows 8