GeneXus moves development of standard Java classes to GitHub, open source

We have an important announcement for the GeneXus Community in relation to Open Source code hosting.

In order to strengthen our open source code policy and the GeneXus ecosystem with values of enhanced transparency and collaboration, we'll publish code in the GeneXusLabs space at, and move its development to that platform.

In this regard, we have achieved an important first milestone: The standard classes used by applications generated with the Java generator are now publicly available in this GitHub space!

By moving the development of Java classes to GitHub and making the code public, we have improved the quality of the code and simplified its extensibility and evolution. As a result, security aspects are enhanced, as well as the assembly and deployment of applications. 

You can see these new classes in action using the latest version of GeneXus in the GeneXus Beta channel or in the Preview channel, towards GeneXus 16 Upgrade 4, to be released on 12 June, 2019.

Compatibility aspects to consider

The compatibility of the generated code is guaranteed. That is to say, GeneXus users only need to generate their applications with this new upgrade, and in this way they will start to use these classes.

However, special conditions should be considered, which may cause compatibility issues if somehow a non-GeneXus native or external implementation is used that standard classes no longer provide.

You can read more about compatibility and considerations to be taken into account in this regard in the GeneXus wiki.

More technical information

You can read more about these classes at: