GeneXus’ investment of 1.5 million usd in SOFTWARE TRAINING

Global company GeneXus decided to get the ball rolling and undertook the mission to reduce the gap that exists between the supply of trained software professionals and the industry’s demand, with a search for academic allies. The outcome has been a total of 1.5 million dollars invested during 2019.

Despite its shortage of professionals*, the software industry’s yearly turnover implies millions of dollars. Nevertheless, its possibilities for growth are affected by the scarce number of qualified professionals available. With the idea of solving such global tension between supply and demand, GeneXus –the software company for creating software– decided to provide thousands of students with Low- Code Development training. 

During 2019, GeneXus relied on academic partners in a variety of countries such as the Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Jordan, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay and Peru, with the purpose of strengthening the academic-partnership dynamics and expand the scope in both additional countries and educational institutions in order to include GeneXus as part of their curricula. 

The agreements reached consist of scholarships, exclusive meetings with students, and GeneXus Analyst courses and certifications. In sum, 2019 comes to an end with thousands of new professionals worldwide, duly trained in Low - Code development, so as to turn digital transformation into a reality that has an effect on the growth of digital businesses and smart companies. 

“It is also quite beneficial for students as well, because knowledge about GeneXus allows them the possibility to enter the global workforce and become part of the best companies or startups, both in the in-person mode and with remote jobs. All this, in addition to the difference that it makes for a student to have a certification acknowledged worldwide, which is a requirement in approximately 50 countries,” explained Anibal Gonda, the company’s technology evangelist. 

* The Korn-Ferry report has confirmed that, globally, the sector corresponding to technology, media and communications is short of 2.5 million technicians. The situation will remain unchanged for 2020, and by the year 2030 is estimated in 4.5 million if no measures are taken in this respect. (The global talent crunch -
GeneXus is the quickest way to become a multi-platform developer and become part of the world of technology. A basic GeneXus Analyst course may be completed in just 80 hours.

GeneXus 2019 Courses: So far this year, GeneXus has invested 1.5 million dollars in software training. 
Projections for 2020: more GeneXus Academic Partners and doubled investment in education. The GeneXus Academic Partners are public and private universities and higher education institutions that have the necessary infrastructure, with agreements subscribed with GeneXus S.A. enabling them to offer their students GeneXus training courses that include the availability of GeneXus products and cooperation by the company’s team of collaborators. 
Where to study GeneXus in person: All participating institutions are detailed, by country, at the site, in the Academic Partners section. 
Where to study GeneXus online: at the site, it is possible to find courses such as GeneXus, Security, Smart Devices, GeneXus for SAP, BPM Suite, GXportal, Reporting, GeneXus Server, and GXtest. UDEMY is another platform preferred by students worldwide for taking the GeneXus Analyst Course online. Specific packages for students are also available at