GeneXus Evolution 3 has been released!!!

In a thrilling opening ceremony, GeneXus International CEO Nicolás Jodal introduced GeneXus X Evolution 3 to more than 1500 attendees who were present at the event that took place in Mexico, together with 2.300 participants from more than 31 countries who watched the release via live streaming.

GeneXus X Evolution 3 is a step forward for the GeneXus application development suite. This version brings new features that make a difference in terms of application development for the Web and mobile devices.

The benefits brought by this new platform imply enhanced mobility, interface experience in mobile and web applications, Windows 8, responsive web applications and numerous advancements for corporate solutions and application development, which include the ability to create offline applications.
“Technology evolves every second, and for this reason GeneXus has been on the leading edge of application development for over 25 years. Today, we're proud to introduce GeneXus™ X Evolution 3, the latest and smartest version of our Suite for multi-platform, multi-language software development”, says Nicolás Jodal, GeneXus International CEO.

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> What’s New in GeneXus™ X Evolution 3?

Offline Mobility

GeneXus now generates offline mobile apps, capable of synchronizing with a central server. You retain the ability to execute transactions in scenarios of limited or no internet connectivity, making this the ideal solution for apps serving point-of-sale (POS), inventory control and distributions purposes.

Smashing Mobile UX

Improvements to the GeneXus SD generator make it easy to deliver on high UX/UI requirements, both for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) apps, while also including BlackBerry and Windows 8 (beta) support.


Responsive, Smooth Web

Enhanced flexibility and improved user experience summarize our numerous upgrades for web application development. Crowned with responsive web design capabilities, the Evolution 3 also includes support for web notifications, graceful degradation, Ajax, Single-Page for easier, faster SEO-friendly web applications. Regardless of screen size or resolution, we have ensured that your apps perform flawlessly, every time.

Enterprise Web, Mobile Apps

Enterprise software built in X Evolution 3 will boast faster response times and easier access control. Provide single sign-in security solutions, using the built-in authentication and authorization module - the GeneXus Access Manager. Better yet, applications that make use of the Access Manager act as Identity Providers, themselves, allowing users to access different applications, sites and apps with a single sign-in identity.

Modular Programming

GeneXus Knowledge Bases can be partitioned into modules that make it easy to develop and maintain even the most complex IT Solutions. By breaking monolithic systems into manageable components, each member of your team can work, simultaneously, on a logically distinct application module.

Faster Prototyping Cycles

GeneXus' core language has been improved to give more power and flexibility to developers,
and also, GeneXus X Evolution 3 now takes full advantage of the multiple cores of the CPU to improve build times and to allow faster prototyping cycles.

GeneXus Suite

GeneXus Business Process Management now allows users to associate mobile objects (i.e. SD Panels) with BPM Diagrams (Interactive Tasks), to fully define a mobile process, in addition to the ones you already have in place. Also, Business Process Management now supports the definition of dynamic forms and new application architectures, as its engine may exist in a separate database or schema.
GXflow inbox-driven solutions are more flexible and customizable, and we have introduced capabilities for inbox-driven mobile app development.
GXserver has been improved and extended to support bigger teams, better version management, and to fully support GeneXus X Evolution 3.