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GeneXus 16 The Power of Doing has been released

GeneXus 16 was released on the opening day of the GeneXus Meeting. According to GeneXus CEO Nicolás Jodal, this technology is fully aligned with the event's slogan “The Power of doing.”

This new version is powerful, multi-experience and can be easily adapted to a landscape of changes where coordinates are not only set by websites and applications.

At present, the software industry is building solutions for a universe of experiences centered on users who, in turn, use multiple devices.
Interaction with traditional mobile or web apps has been enhanced with chatbots, access by wearables, TV, voice and augmented reality, among other new options. That's why GeneXus 16 is focused on these multiple experiences, to provide the developer with a set of tools and processes that simplify software creation and maintenance.

With GeneXus 16, the software developer will be able to adapt to this new reality and create multi-platform applications that will work seamlessly in different scenarios with various devices, situations and integrations.

MULTIPLE EXPERIENCES AND OMNICANALITY: Omnicanality and multiple experiences constitute the personality of this new version. The possibility of writing Design Systems is one of the outstanding features of GeneXus 16, which aligns design systems to increase productivity and enhance work –and communication– between designers and developers.
UX or user experience is one of the areas that has been significantly improved and strengthened. Among other new developments, especially in relation to the conversational User Interface, it is now easier to model Chatbots, Hybrid Interfaces and Virtual Assistants, which can be added to this communication channel that is crucial for clients and companies.

INTEGRATION: GeneXus 16 is integrated into Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT). Regarding cognitive services and machine learning, it includes integrations with the most important providers in the AI market, such as IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, and SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation. Amazon Machine Learning and Google Cloud AI will soon be included.
The world's most popular payment platforms are also supported in this new version: WeChat Pay, Ali Pay, and Stripe have been added to the two payment platforms that already worked with GeneXus: Paypal and Mercado Pago.
In addition, GeneXus developers will be able to consume services automatically with the OData protocol. This means that it is possible to interoperate with any system that exposes and consumes OData services (ERP, CRM, API Business Hubs and even non-relational databases).
As for integration with the Cloud, the most important providers are supported in GeneXus 16.

SECURITY: In the field of security, the increasing level of complexity involved in the creation of software solutions has multiplied the risks related to system security. Therefore, in GeneXus 16 work has been done to automate the generation of systems that follow the highest quality and safety standards.

DEVELOPMENT PROCESSES: Just as software has transformed many processes, the way of creating applications has also changed, blurring the boundaries between development and operations. GeneXus 16 combines Artificial Intelligence and DevOps, making it possible to monitor and automate development processes.

GENEXUS IN CHINESE LANGUAGE: To successfully enter the large Chinese market, the latest version of GeneXus intelligently adapts to its needs. The GeneXus core is available in Chinese and integrates various Chinese technology providers that developers need to create applications for China: Jpush for notifications, Ali Pay and We Chat Pay to support payments, and Baidu Maps and AutoNavi as mapping services.

NEW GENERATORS: The new generators for chatbots and .NetCore included in this new version also enable the migration to this new platform.

In addition, generators for watchOS and tvOS have been added to access the solutions generated, which users can do using an iWatch from their living room. Support has also been added for XCode 10 and iOS 12, which allow for the automatic generation of code for the latest Apple operating systems and devices.
We at GeneXus know that software development now involves complex processes that cannot be carried out manually within reasonable times. GeneXus 16 is the answer to this need for increased productivity that helps integrate new solutions and, above all, maintain them and remain future-proof, regardless of any popular trends in technology.

Here is more information about GeneXus 16: