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Free online course: GeneXus Core, version GeneXus 17

The course is available at training.genexus.com and consists of 13 sections organized in 61 classes/videos lasting a total of 13 hours. Practice material, videos, and the option to learn more with the help of tutors, forums, and live classes.

Today’s digital applications run on many different platforms. For this reason, we need to stop for a moment and try to understand the types of current applications and their architecture.

You can explore all the possibilities offered by our Low-Code platform in this course: GeneXus Core

The GeneXus Core Course provides basic knowledge so that later on learners can continue to take specialization courses according to their interests and needs (within an integrated environment in an LMS).

There you can learn about today's digital applications and GeneXus; how to create a Knowledge Base; everything about Transactions; types of lists and access to data by code; communication between objects; structured data types and data providers; database updates; architecture and build; web screens with back-office focus; web and native mobile screens with customer-facing focus; query and reporting tools; integration; version management and teamwork; deployment and DevOps methodology. 

Quite comprehensive, isn't it?
Learning GeneXus 17

For more information about courses and dates, visit the GeneXus Training Calendar.