Five tips to develop your mobile app #GeneXus #GXev2

Original, functional applications that offer something new and run on different platforms are some of the features of a successful app.

After downloading or using a mobile application that is really easy and simple to use, how many times have you thought that you could have developed it? Don’t wait any longer: you could have a success on your hands if you develop your idea and create an app with GeneXus.
Mr. Aníbal Gonda, Business Development Director at GeneXus International, stresses that some of the most important features to be considered when developing applications is that they should be original and functional, they should offer something new to users and run on different platforms.

Mr. Gonda also shares some tips to create a successful app:

  1. Think of solving a problem. An excellent app can be based on ordinary needs, to make a task easier or to solve a day-to-day issue.
  2. Don’t limit yourself to a single operating system. Develop your app for the most popular mobile platforms, such as RIM BlackBerry OS, Apple iOS5 and Google Android, as well as for the web. In this way, you’ll increase your chances and make your app more accessible.
  3. Keep mobility in mind. Don’t forget that you app can leverage the most important features of mobile devices, such as cameras, GPS, and so on.
  4. Use technology facilitators such as Cloud Computing. It not only allows you to reduce your development costs (your can use the cloud for prototyping purposes), but it also makes tests and beta versions much easier to achieve.
  5. Use social networks to promote and recommend your app. This will allow you to reach a larger potential market without investing heavily in advertising. Also, you will receive feedback from your users in real time to fine-tune your application.
It should be noted that, up to 2011, there were 491.4 million smartphones all over the world, 63.1% more than in 2010. In the United States alone, mobile users spend at least 94 minutes per day using their downloaded apps, that is to say, 22 more minutes than in mobile browsers.
In addition, according to MobiThinking more than 10 billion mobile applications have been downloaded worldwide, and today there are 550,000 applications available in the main mobile markets of BlackBerry, Apple and Google. So, next time you have an idea, note it down, visualize it as a mobile app and let GeneXus ( help you develop it.