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Application security according to GeneXus R+D

Striving to improve the security of applications is a mission that the GeneXus development team takes very seriously.

The security aspects of applications have traditionally been one of the main concerns of the GeneXus Team. Given that the potential types of attacks have increased and become more sophisticated, we have strengthened our efforts to improve the out-of-the box security features provided for applications generated with GeneXus.

For this reason, a specific security module (GeneXus Access Manager) has been included in GeneXus X Evolution 2. In addition, we have expanded our security team, working with specialists in the field and engaging projects, customers and partners in the process.

As a result of this work, we have not only improved the tool and the code generated with it, but also elaborated security recommendations and offered tools such as the Security Scanner, talks, courses and workshops in GeneXus Meetings or via Webinars. Our objective is to give relevance to the subject and provide GeneXus Developers with as much information and training as possible so as to enable them to create systems with high levels of security. In many of these activities we have sought the participation of partners who are highly specialized in the subject, such as GeneXus Consulting.

Since the challenge of developing secure applications is a long term commitment, and in view of the continuous evolution of technology and of the attacks themselves, these improvements must be delivered fast in order to allow developers to take advantage of them. To this end, all the GeneXus upgrades which are released every two months (currently for versions Evolution 3 and GeneXus 15) include security-related improvements.

As we've said before: this is an ongoing effort, so we will continue to work on this type of improvements, including them in upgrades and eventually in future “hot fixes”.

If you have any doubts or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

The GeneXus Team