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All the new features of GeneXus Next!

We are pleased to announce the new updates of GeneXus Next, the world's only platform that combines AI Assistants (TuringBots, based on Generative AI) with GeneXus Low-Code (Expert Systems, based on Symbolic AI) to create and maintain reliable software solutions in record time.

Software that used to take months to develop can now be created in just minutes. This update includes the following innovations:

1. Support for Multiple Design Systems
Now it's possible to apply various Design Systems, such as K2B Patterns, WorkWithPlus, and SAP Fiori, developed by GeneXus and its Platform Partners, to create visually stunning and highly functional applications with more design options.

2. Automatic Generation of Native Mobile Applications
As part of the process, GeneXus Next now also automatically generates native mobile applications based on the suggested prompt, further streamlining the development process and making the generated applications cross-platform. This functionality is already available for iOS as part of this upgrade, and will soon be available for Android.

3. Analytics Dashboards
Developers will enjoy the automatic generation of dashboards. Based on the prompt, GeneXus Next will also infer the most important queries that can be made to the requested system and automatically create a dashboard for visualization, speeding up data analysis and enabling better real-time decision-making.

These updates reaffirm GeneXus' commitment to offering innovative and cutting-edge enterprise software development solutions. GeneXus Next users will benefit from increased productivity, cost reduction, and a simplified development experience like never before.

"We are very excited to present the new updates of GeneXus Next, taking application and dashboard creation to a new level. Our platform combines artificial intelligence and Low-Code technology to deliver fast and high-quality business solutions. With GeneXus Next, we are creating software for the new era," highlights Gastón Milano, CTO of GeneXus.

GeneXus Next continues to advance its path to accelerate enterprise software development by combining deterministic symbolic AI with LLM (Large Language Model) technology. This fusion of capabilities offers a unique development experience and a significant competitive advantage for organizations.

For more information about the updates of GeneXus Next and how they can benefit your company, visit us at or write to us at