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6 new white papers about GeneXus, Low-Code technology, and AI

The Low-Code nature at the heart of GeneXus, coupled with its Artificial Intelligence, had an impact on the speed of development determined by the pace of digital acceleration.

We have published new white papers to delve even deeper into complex issues: the organizational approach in this time of a pandemic; the digital strategy needed to deal with it; the necessary speed of development and the key features of GeneXus that make it possible; its relationship with Artificial Intelligence and its Low-Code nature.

  1. GeneXus and Artificial Intelligence
  2. Beyond Low-Code: A Critical Look at the Category
  3. Development at the Speed of the Pandemic: 9 GeneXus Key Features for the Success of Covid.uy
  4. 3 Pillars to Fight COVID-19: Software, Responsiveness, and Solidarity
  5. Scientific and Technological Basis of GeneXus
  6. Digital Strategy in Quarantine Times