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2021: The Best Low-code Technology is Waiting for You!

We say goodbye to 2020 with a new version of GeneXus that is battlefield-proven: GeneXus 17. In addition, many updated resources are available for the GeneXus Community: webinars, courses, white papers, technical articles in the GeneXus blog, and success stories from all over the world. Let’s take a look back at this year, which was as unusual as it was productive!

We’re close to the end of 2020, which as our CEO Nicolás Jodal said at the release of GeneXus 17, “it will be long remembered.”

This year was filled with unprecedented events that made us reset the GPS to find a new digital direction.

When the pandemic reached our region, we at GeneXus focused all our attention on what we do best: problem-solving software. That’s how –in one week– we released the Coronavirus UY Application in collaboration with other private sector companies and the Uruguayan government.

In March, we also released a new webinar website with the purpose of sharing knowledge about various topics related to GeneXus and interacting with the Community. As a result, the digital library now has 115 webinars that you can access anytime.

As the development team was getting everything ready for the release of GeneXus 17, the training team created a very valuable course called GeneXus Core: version 17, which is free and available online.

In addition, our clients all over the world have worked hard in different sectors to adapt to the new reality, and during this process of digital acceleration, more than 20 success stories emerged.

While working from home and in between meetings, we also wrote a lot, including interesting white papers and articles in the GeneXus Blog.

So, as we say goodbye to 2020 we are confident that 2021 is going to be better, and we are ready to ride it digitally!

Thank you for being part of the GeneXus Community.