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Data analysis enables increased membership for medical emergency services

The solution implies a membership analysis predicting, in over 80%, probabilities of deregistration in the case of absence of immediate action. This prediction model, designed by Datalab with GeneXus, is used by the UCM Uruguay, a provider of paramedic services.

UCM was pioneer in creating a pre-hospital medical emergency service with mobile units provided in exchange for a monthly fee. The paramedic services with mobile teams were supplemented with clinics offering medical services in a variety of specializations, along with lab studies and a wide range of services relative to preventive medicine.

The company required a full data analysis solution with a model for predicting de-registrations, in order to implement campaigns oriented at preserving members. Another objective was to segment the portfolio of subscribers based on the how the services provided by the company are used. This would identify the members who generate higher profits and which are prone to using additional services that imply payment of surcharges in their monthly fees.

To this end, a model was built in relation to De-registration Trends, which is capable of identifying 80% of the members who will be actually requesting the cancellation of their subscriptions in the following six months, prior to that instance. The segmentation of the subscribers portfolio based on their use of the services provided by the company yields eight differential segments in relation to type and frequency of appointments. These segments enable the identification of different subscriber profiles, and priorities among segments in order to redirect efforts for retaining members, and the identification of segments appropriate for cross-selling other services.

About Datalab

DataLab Consulting was founded in a highly competitive environment, with the idea of providing effective solutions in fulfilling the increasing needs of corporations to understand consumer behaviors in order to anticipate actions. The firm comprises a team of professionals working in a cutting-edge science lab where powerful technological tools are developed and applied in data analysis and mining.

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