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Azteca: maximum productivity with GeneXus technology

The second-largest provider of Spanish-language TV content worldwide, known as TV Azteca, is a Mexican media conglomerate belonging to Grupo Salinas, which owns companies such as Banco Azteca and Grupo Elektra. Azteca stays at the forefront of technological evolution with software developments that have enabled it to streamline internal processes, get closer to its clients, and reduce costs.

“At present, we need to adapt to technological changes and use them to our advantage so as to stay competitive in an increasingly demanding market, and at the same time generate value for the company by making our system delivery processes more efficient. Also, we need to reduce costs by offering error-free solutions that are more aligned with users' needs, don't require new investments on technological updates in the mid- to long term, and generate maintenance savings,” said Jorge Pedro Ramírez, Development Manager at Sistemas Tva.
In this context, to face the challenges posed by these changes for the systems area, and after examining the tool's operation, four years ago they decided to start working with GeneXus, a software to create software, in order to accelerate development times, reduce costs and keep up to date with technological changes.
Since starting to work with GeneXus, Azteca has developed several systems, including a page to keep track of their artists, a system to plan and control the production of soap opera scenes, another system to manage Grupo Salinas' intellectual property, and a mobile application with Azteca's programming guide. With this accumulated experience, they are now able to say that GeneXus has allowed them to reduce development times by 50%, from analysis to implementation, with development savings of 70% and maintenance savings of 60%.

For the Systems Development Manager, one of the main advantages provided by GeneXus is that it enables developers to get closer to users to better understand their needs. “GeneXus requires users to be more involved in the process, because it is a tool that builds custom applications and solves real-life needs and problems. This gives us deeper insight about the business and allows us to accelerate the development process by reducing the number of necessary corrections and automating coding. Last but not least, quality is improved, which translates into substantial, immediate savings,” states Ramírez. As a result of the above, the project's stabilization can cost up to a third less than a traditional development.
Portability is another great advantage that the executive finds in GeneXus, because “you're not tied to an operating system, to a language, or to the need to predict which developments will have a longer lifespan. In this way we can be sure that technology will not outpace us, and that we will enjoy great savings and ease to migrate to a new platform quickly and easily. The tool is multiplatform and allows us to change the language used in very short times and with minimum effort,” he stresses.
In addition, Rebeca García, GeneXus Business Director, states that “companies must understand that technological evolution is the cause of system obsolescence. Changes are so fast-paced that new technologies appear before the latest technologies have been fully adopted, and that's why companies and developers need to see automated software as an ally for their development work.”