Success story


More than 2,100 users throughout the country will benefit from the Document Management System (DMS) aimed at car dealers that was developed with GeneXus by the Global Dealer Solution (GDS) Area of T-Systems.

For over twelve years, the GDS area at T-Systems, leading provider of scalable DMS dynamic services, has been helping to improve the efficiency of the Mexican automobile industry, with a system aimed at car dealers that was developed with GeneXus.

The system, based on the tool known as GeneXus X Evolution, economizes on human resources, maintenance costs, and on the time required for development, as it also increases the productivity of the 150 dealers –of brands such as Volkswagen, Nissan, Renault, Audi, Seat, Peugeot, and Mercedes, International and Toyota trucks, among others–  with over 2,100 users who receive the GDS services throughout the country. 

The DMS supports the whole administrative and operational tasks of a car dealer. It includes  modules for receiving units for service and it deals with self-financing issues. In the administrative area,  it covers Accounts Receivable and Payable, Payroll, Accounting, and even interfaces with other external applications used at the industrial plants of other groups with whom we work”, said Jesús Salcedo, GDS Manager at T-Systems.
This executive considers that one of the great advantages of developing with GeneXus is the time involved in staff training, since developers are self-taught in just two weeks as they program on the platform, and knowledge is not centralized in just one individual. 

Programming with GeneXus is a drastic change of paradigm as compared to regular programming  since it implies a whole new logic, different from what programmers are used to”, says Martín Pérez, GDS Development Coordinator at T-Systems, who expressed that GeneXus allows for savings of over 50% of training costs. 

Additionally, and thanks to the flexibility of GeneXus, which is extremely easy to use, GDS can now implement its DMS at car dealers in just one and half month’s time, where some cases of success have seen the light in two weeks or even seven days! This significantly contrasts with the time it takes competitors to install applications made with traditional programming. 

Our next step will be to migrate to GeneXus X Evolution 2, to offer a DMS on the web which will allow the owners, shareholders and executives of car dealers the possibility of using their information to make business decisions. We also want to take advantage of the mobile application generator to continue progressing towards offering our customers communications with any mobile devices they may be using”, Jesús Salcedo concluded.