Success story

Sistema Nacional de Información Ganadera

Improved Management and Livestock Traceability

In the year 2004 a National Livestock Information System (SNIG), was created. The application, developed by a team from Artech, made Uruguay the first country in Latin America to have a successful system for individual traceability.

The MGAP (Ministry of Agriculture of Uruguay) had several systems for the collection of information operating simultaneously and they considered it was necessary to redesign, integrate and coordinate the existing information subsystems into a single National Livestock Information System. The project was also driven by the increasing demands of the domestic and international markets concerning quality assurance of products and processes, and to address the need of the government to improve the regulation of the system. The specific objectives of the system included high accessibility, the capturing and processing of data from paper forms, the geographic reference of available data for a better management of information, and tools to enable the analysis of all the information collected.

The core component of SNIG is the Management System, developed mostly by Artech. This system includes all the applications contained in the portal and provides integration services to other systems (both internal and external). GXportal, GXplorer y GXquery (tools for the analysis of data), SIPO and the GIS.

The application was developed from scratch and Uruguay was the first country in Latin America to implement a successful individual traceability system. This has resulted in several delegations from different countries coming to Uruguay to see the system at work, with a view to using it as a reference for the development of similar applications, such as in the case of Chile or Mexico.