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Brazil: Grupo Assessor Revolutionizes Access to Public Services with GeneXus

Grupo Assessor, a renowned Information Technology company specializing in public management, has launched the Smartpolis application, a digital platform that allows citizens to request and track various public services, eliminating the need for physical presence and streamlining processes.

The application has already been in operation in 21 public organizations, including the Municipal Government of Barretos, the Municipal Government of Brotas, the Municipal Government of Araçatuba, and the Municipal Government of Presidente Venceslau, among others. This expansion marks a significant milestone in the modernization of access to public services in Brazil.

To develop this innovative solution and support the constant updates required by the public sector, Grupo Assessor chose GeneXus, provided by the GeneXus Socium Partner Group distributor.

The use of GeneXus allowed Grupo Assessor to create Smartpolis in an agile and customized manner, meeting the specific needs of different government institutions.

Smartpolis serves two main fronts: citizens and businesses.

For citizens, the application offers features such as medical appointment scheduling, medication balance inquiries, issuance of debt certificates, and the convenience of checking and generating the payment document for the IPTU (Urban Property Tax).

For businesses, external links related to the municipality's business sector are provided, as well as debt certificates and information related to IPTU.

Hevandro Ferreira, Managing Partner of Grupo Assessor, explained: “There are a multitude of services that the municipality can provide through the application. The idea is to bring citizens and businesses closer to public administration without the need for physical presence, in other words, without wasting time."

The next step for the Smartpolis application will be the implementation of additional features, such as a Reporting Hotline, examination result inquiries, and the digitization of medical exams, allowing doctors to attach images, PDFs, or documents related to patients.

Ricardo Recchi, Country Manager of GeneXus for Brazil, Portugal, and Cape Verde, emphasized the flexibility and agility that the Low-Code GeneXus tool offers to Grupo Assessor: "The direct benefits of this development reflect in bringing citizens closer to public administration, not to mention the savings in time, processes, and paper."

Smartpolis is a remarkable example of how technology can be used to improve the lives of citizens and optimize public services, making them more accessible and efficient. With this initiative, Grupo Assessor is paving the way for a more modern and citizen-centric public administration.