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SatCom uses GeneXus to Manage 20 Business Processes

With no technical knowledge, tracking company uses intuitive platform to create a solution that meets the requirements of the business

An intuitive development tool, a developer with little experience, and two and a half years of work. With these three ingredients, Sat com Rastreadores created a tool that enabled it to cut the market prospecting time by half and expand the number of leads by 30%.

In spite of their lack of programming experience or an IT department, the company specialized in vehicle and load tracking took the risk of developing a solution that met its business requirements.

In this context, the company developed and implemented a flow control system (Tracking Control Workflow or TCW) that enabled it to manage more than 20 processes. The software used was GXflow and GeneXus, and the solution was released in May this year.

The tool manages and performs customer capture, executes contracts, and provides services, planning, auditing, and satisfaction polls in an automatic way. The solution even offers the possibility to make team performance analysis, so as to evaluate whether it's necessary to hire more people or reduce the number of employees, according to the growth in demand.

 "Before implementing the solution developed in-house, SatCom Rastreadores had a .Net resource that offered less than 5% of the functionalities we have today with GeneXus. We had already tried other programs, but the development process took more than six years and in the end we didn't obtain the expected result", says a representative from the company.

The company is already planning a new project using GXflow SmartDevices, which is scheduled for 2015. The idea consists in using a tool to develop a mobile solution for technicians working on the road to update data from wherever they are with no need to make calls to technical support.

SatCom Rastreadores, which has been present in the market for more than 12 years and is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, has over 6 thousand customers.