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Success story
SAN Mobile
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SAN Mobile Accelerates SAP Certification Process with GeneXus

By using GeneXus Low-Code software to certify its mobile application integrated with SAP PM, it became one of the only solutions in the Brazilian market that have the certification.

SAN Mobile, a developer and integrator of process automation solutions, has just achieved SAP Certified Integration with SAP NetWeaver for its mobile application, which bears the same name as the company and interacts with the German developer's maintenance module, SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP PM).
The SAN Mobile application, which supports planning, processing and execution of maintenance tasks in industrial plants, has become one of the few applications on the market to receive this certification for the SAP Enterprise Core Component (SAP ECC).
Following the criteria required by SAP, this certification ensures that during the installation, execution and removal of the application, the data contained in SAP remains unchanged. “This is the main benefit ensured, which guarantees the integrity of the customer's business in the processes established in the ERP,” adds Rodrigo Bamondes Santos, technical manager of SAN Mobile. In addition, the certification also gives SAN Mobile a competitive advantage in the SAP App Center, the German developer marketplace for complementary solutions from certified and non-certified partner companies.
In addition to having developed the solution in a record time of three months thanks to the GeneXus Low-Code tool, the adaptation to the certification also relied on the same platform, which allowed the application codes to be adapted more quickly. “If we had worked with other languages, such as Java, we would have needed a team ten times larger, plus twice as much time to achieve certification. With GeneXus Low-Code, we allowed our specialists to focus only on the functional development of the solution and with only one GeneXus developer we obtained the certification in six months,” explains Mr. Santos.
GeneXus will also continue to be used in projects for clients who require the tool to evolve according to their needs. This means that the benefits of this platform are not limited to the development and fine-tuning of solutions. Clients using the solutions also benefit from easier customization.
Choosing GeneXus, while still in the development stage of the application, was precisely because of its simplified connectivity with SAP. With each new challenge, the platform has demonstrated that it meets the German developer's processes. In addition, as we tested our application, the issues encountered were solved by GeneXus’ development team. It was a joint effort to achieve certification,” says Mr. Santos.
For Ricardo Recchi, Country Manager of GeneXus Brazil, the concept of programming language automation contributes to making the software development chain more business-oriented, in addition to furthering the objectives of technology companies. “GeneXus Low-Code not only benefits the developer, but also the entire chain of stakeholders involved in application development, improving communication, execution, knowledge management, security, agility, and cost reduction,” concludes Mr. Recchi.