Success story
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Mexico’s most influential chain of department stores, makes software development more dynamic with GeneXus

The company that offers a variety of products covering an ample scope of needs has developed over 20 projects thanks to the productivity behind GeneXus technology

Coppel, Mexico’s most influential chain of department stores, was founded in the city of Culiacán, in the year 1941. It currently has over 1,000 stores distributed across Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, all with cutting-edge technology that involves numerous corporate developments aimed at increasing the company’s operational efficiency.
In the understanding that applications represent a fundamental facilitator for any company, in relation to both internal processes and customers, decided to get the most from the benefits implied in using them. Such benefits include cost reductions, more income, and improved customer satisfaction, among others.  And for the past three years, Coppel has included the GeneXus tool in its systems department, with which they have developed over twenty projects, including one aimed at transportation that enables the localization of units, the tracing of accidents, and even identify the driver acting at the time of an incident. They also developed a solution for a registry of medical appointments, illnesses, prescriptions and disabilities of all of the company’s workers.
Corporate applications also enable the management of work orders, in addition to transactions, data queries, the scheduling of visits to customers, and the geo-referencing of services, with the possibility of offering prompt and top-quality services to customers, while facilitating data flows, regardless of the location of work teams.
The latest project implemented with GeneXus, as stated by the company’s Software Architect Gustavo Castro, was for validating customer numbers. This project has enabled them to reduce response times, improve quality, obtain stable systems and maintain a standard on developments. He explained that, in the absence of this development, they would have had to move a team of forty people –including travel expenses– for manual validation, but the work was finally done quicker and with just a 4-member team.  

“Integrating GeneXus in our development area has brought along a number of benefits that have caused great impact on our systems, such as quick development. We have developed applications in as little as two-days’ time, even without knowledge of any language. For example, when we’re still not knowledgeable of the language, we already have an app for Android, because, being an automaton, the tool generates the code necessary for native applications on different platforms, in addition to offering benefits such as increased productivity by a minimum of 80%, and a very significant cost reduction,” assured Castro.
Many developments implemented by Coppel over two years ago continue in operations today, because “the tool is flexible enough to adapt to new circumstances. GeneXus represents technological modernization and enables us to stay at the lead at all times, using systems and tools that suit every reality,” the developer added.
It should be noted that, according to a study carried out by The Competitive Intelligence Unit consultants, the market of corporate applications in Mexico reached 11.5 million users in the first quarter of 2014, while, pursuant to Gartner consultants, the investments in corporate software for this year are expected to be around 335 billion US dollars, representing an increase of 5.5% in relation to 2014.