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CIASC develops Women's Virtual Police Station with GeneXus for the Police Department of Santa Catarina

With the onset of isolation measures, a tool for filing police reports online was made available to victims of domestic violence. The new functionality, which is available on the Santa Catarina Police Department’s website, was developed in 15 days using low-code technology.

The Santa Catarina Police Department's website now has a section called Women's Virtual Police Station, which allows victims of violence against women to file police reports online. The initiative is part of a series of government actions to address domestic violence, which has increased during the pandemic, in addition to making it easier to file police reports without leaving home –one of the requirements of social isolation.

According to data from the Ministry of Women, Families and Human Rights (MMDH), in April, when the social isolation caused by the pandemic had been in effect for more than a month, the number of complaints of violence against women received through the phone number 180 increased by almost 40% compared to the same month in 2019.

All police reports filed at the Virtual Police Station are examined and forwarded to the unit that deals with domestic violence cases. Once the registration is validated, the user receives an e-mail with a follow-up number, which allows him/her to access the information on that report. The record is automatically entered into the Integrated Public Safety System, developed and maintained by the Department of Public Safety Solutions, another sector of the Information Technology and Automation Center of the State of Santa Catarina (CIASC).

The functionality was created by CIASC using GeneXus low-code technology in order to ensure greater visibility of the care and reception mechanisms available to victims of this type of violence, as well as to avoid under-registration by facilitating reporting.

Prior to the implementation of this type of police report, all complaints had to be made at a police station in person. Now the same reports can be made online in a few minutes, which saves time for the person making the complaint and streamlines the process for the Police.
In addition, the assistants at the virtual police station, who previously had to enter the entire police report, now receive the registration automatically in the system, significantly accelerating the task of validation and investigation.

According to the team leader of the Government Solutions Department at CIASC, Sandro Magrinelli Vianna, GeneXus is a technology that has been widely used at CIASC for more than 30 years and that facilitates the creation of applications. “This tool allows us to focus our efforts on defining the business rules, and not on the programming language, or even on the technology itself. This translates into a faster response and greater efficiency in meeting our clients' requests,” he sums up, adding that the new functionality was created in 15 days, from priority setting to final delivery.

For GeneXus Brazil’s Country Manager, Ricardo Recchi, the CIASC's role in the development of online tools is an important achievement for the citizens of Santa Catarina, especially when it is part of a larger effort. “Both the Police and other institutions in the areas of law enforcement and justice have devised various actions to address the issue of domestic violence, and using GeneXus as the backbone of this initiative shows how important it is to follow a path based on processes, people and technology,” concludes Mr. Recchi.