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Catarinense Distribuidora gains sales agility with mobile application created using GeneXus

The solution allows supporting field work in real time and maintaining safety stock levels.

Catarinense Distribuidora needed an offline application for mobile devices in order to manage the sales team in charge of distributing frozen products to more than 1,500 points of sale, which serve approximately 3 million customers in the coastal area of the state of Santa Catarina (SC). Using GeneXus Tilo, the company added this feature to its existing system and provided great agility to its sales force, in addition to reducing costs.

The sales teams of Catarinense are managed with two systems developed with GeneXus: the Sales Information System (SIV), which is their business intelligence solution; and the Sales Automation System (SAV), an operational application for taking sales orders onsite.

“We already had an online version of SAV, but the 3G Internet infrastructure in Brazil hasn’t been fully deployed yet. Therefore, our application would run very slowly or even stop working altogether depending on the region in which our sales representative was located. GeneXus Tilo allowed us to have the system working in offline mode”, says Paulo Sabatke, Director of Catarinense Distribuidora de Santa Catarina (CDSC). At present, the system runs on Android smart phones and tablets and has 25 users.

“GeneXus’ most outstanding features are its programming speed, support and innovation. SIV was developed in three months and SAV in only two months. We decided to use GeneXus after attending a training course where we were really impressed by what we saw. We were struck by how easy it was to obtain the final result, its development speed and collaborative forum, as well as the strong support provided by the GeneXus development team”, reveals the director of Catarinense Distribuidora, Paulo Sabatke Neto.

Before developing these applications, the company used ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) reports, which required dedicated staff to assist the sales team and caused delays in sending the information to those who needed it. For this reason, the company decided to provide its team with quick access to information. With SIV, information can be searched for immediately without any intermediaries, which has made the process more agile and reduced the number of employees. In the past, sales orders were taken onsite with a third-party application using the PALM OS platform, but this solution didn't meet the company's needs.

 “SIV and SAV not only allow team members to obtain information when they need it, but also make it possible to support field work in real time, ensuring safety stock levels and assisting the staff performing these tasks. As for results, it is known that if team members have access to their data, the quality of their work is enhanced. The bottom line is we’ve gained agility and reduced costs”, stresses Mr. Sabatke.

About Catarinense Distribuidora
Catarinense Distribuidora, which was established in the state of Santa Catarina (SC) in 1986, is a leading distributor of frozen products and provider of logistics services such as palletized or fragmented storage and delivery of frozen products. Some of its most well known customers include Nestlé and Frooty Açaí. The company serves over 2 thousand small to large-sized companies in more than 50 cities including Florianópolis, Joinville, Blumenau and Balneario Camboriú.