Success story
Cable & Wireless Panamá
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CABLE & WIRELESS of Panama builds its systems with GeneXus.

From its beginnings (London, 1860), Grupo Cable & Wireless has expanded its operations to more than 34 countries, positioning itself as one of the main players in global telecommunications.

In 1997, through a public bid process, Cable & Wireless Panamá, S.A. (CWP) was awarded 49% of the stock of Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicaciones S.A., in Panama. 

Pursuant to the new telecom law of 2003, CWP had to make some changes in relation to invoicing between clients and operators. 
It was then that GeneXus Consulting developed Facturación a Cargo y Cuenta (Invoicing Charged and On Account), a computer system in addition to the main invoicing system, which would be capable of handling all the processing needs of the information related to services provided by the other long-distance operators.

The project was entirely developed using GeneXus technology, and GXportal was also used to integrate the application and to implement a security scheme for role-based access control to the application. In addition, GXflow was used to order and control the execution of all the system's Batch processes. 

More recently, in 2008, GeneXus Consulting developed a new additional module which manages the CDR (Call Detail Record) files sent by each telephone carrier to CWP. This module, which was developed under the "Software Factory" method and deployed in record time, is already in production.