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Technology and logistics to add value in extreme situations

About this webinar

Consumer behavior and demands have undergone significant changes in recent years. This was further enhanced by the pandemic generated by COVID-19. Previously, when making a web purchase, the product could take several days (even weeks) to arrive at the home. Today, the time that elapses between the order being placed and delivery should be as short as possible. This time is no longer measured in days, but in hours. 
As consumers we have become extremely demanding and companies that want to survive in the market, must adapt. 
Immediacy is no longer a sensation, it is a fact of the present and an obligation of the future. 
In this Webinar we will see how technology and logistics form synergies to meet the needs of consumers in extreme situations, adding value and transparency to the purchasing process.  

About the instructor

  • Federico Rosso Campamar

    Gerente de Innovación en Logística en SoyDelivery