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GeneXus Alliance is the Partner Program, and it's designed to boost the growth and success of GeneXus Partners. Through this initiative, we provide the support and necessary tools for our partners to meet customer demands and achieve their business objectives.
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Advantages of being a GeneXus Partner
Access to a leading development platform
GeneXus is globally recognized as one of the top software development platforms. With the new version, GeneXus 18, it is possible to create new and robust digital ecosystems, seamlessly integrate with them, and build Secure, Scalable, and Mission-Critical Applications in a secure, fast, and automated manner. With this version, GeneXus positions itself as the world's first Low-Code platform that enables the generation of Super Apps and Mini Apps or the rapid transformation of existing native iOS or Android applications ―built manually or with any technology― into Super Apps. This is unique in the market.
Demand generation and visibility
As a Solution Partner, you can benefit from joint promotion with GeneXus and exposure to our extensive customer and user base. This will provide you with greater visibility in the market and help generate demand for your products or solutions.
Credibility and support
By partnering with GeneXus, you will have the backing of a recognized and trusted brand in the software development world. This will give credibility and confidence to your customers, translating into greater business opportunities.
Extensive partner network and collaboration
GeneXus has an extensive network of technology partners and strategic consultants. By joining as a Solution Partner, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with other industry experts, share knowledge, and establish strategic relationships that will drive your growth.
Program of partnership levels
GeneXus Alliance offers different levels of partnership, allowing you to progress and gain additional benefits as you demonstrate commitment and success. The Member, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond levels provide growth opportunities and access to exclusive resources to further propel your business.
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Types of Partnership

In order to meet the industry's needs and provide exceptional service to our clients, we offer four types of available partnerships:
Business Partners
Technology Partners
Strategic Partners
Academic Partners
Business Partners
This alliance model is designed for partners who sell GeneXus and manage the entire customer lifecycle, including demand generation, sales process, training, implementation, maintenance, and support.

There are two types of Business Partners:
  • Distributor (Sales Partner)
  • Referrals (Finders)
Technology Partners
They are providers of infrastructures and technological architectures, cloud services, and technologies that integrate with the GeneXus platform or can be leveraged by applications developed and executed in GeneXus. Among the most prominent are IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, SAP, and others.

Technology Partners are divided into the following categories:
  • Technology Vendors
  • Integration Partners
  • Platform Partners
Strategic Partners
These are the companies that collaborate and develop applications with GeneXus.

There are two types of Strategic Partners:
  • Solution Partners
  • Software Development Partners
Academic Partners
Focused on educational institutions or companies that offer training services in GeneXus technology.

There are two ways to become an Academic Partner:
  • University Program
  • GeneXus Training Center Program
Who can be GeneXus Partners?
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Consulting Service Providers

Companies specialized in providing consulting and advisory services to clients using or considering GeneXus. These companies offer technical support, project implementation, and training.

Software Training Centers

Educational institutions and training centers that offer courses and training programs in GeneXus. These centers provide students and professionals with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in using our Low-Code software development platform.

Consulting Service Providers

Companies specialized in providing consulting and advisory services to clients using or considering GeneXus. These companies offer technical support, project implementation, and training.

System Builders

Organizations that use GeneXus to build customized systems for their clients. These systems can be complete enterprise solutions or specific components integrated into the existing technological environment.

Product Builders

Companies that use GeneXus to develop and market their own software products. These products can be complete enterprise solutions or complementary solutions.

System Integrators

Companies specialized in system integration, utilizing GeneXus to develop solutions that enable interoperability and seamless connection between different systems and applications within an organization.

Independent Software Vendors (ISV)

Companies that develop and market software as their main activity. These organizations may use GeneXus as their development platform to create and maintain their products.

Universities and Educational Centers

Academic institutions that incorporate GeneXus into their curriculum, providing students with the opportunity to learn and practice software development using our technology.

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