Announcement to users of Android who use APIs Google Cloud Messaging and Google Places

Google has introduced disruptive changes to its APIs and its Google Cloud Messaging and Google Places services that compel to perform system updates. For this reason, and in order to keep functioning, some native Android applications will have to be updated in coming weeks.   

Today’s advances, and more specifically those that occur in the building of mobile applications, are extremely fast-paced. Our applications are increasingly integrated with third parties, and resort to third-party APIs in that process. GeneXus permanently makes big efforts to keep up its compatibility with such APIs and to save its users the need to change GeneXus Code in order to adapt to changes. However, in some cases, application updates become inevitable in the event of disruptive changes made by those third parties.

It is within that framework that some native Android applications generated with GeneXus will have to be updated in coming weeks to ensure continuity of their functioning. The cause for this is Google’s decision to make disruptive changes to its APIs and Google Cloud Messaging and Google Places services that necessarily force some system updates.

Android applications to be updated:
  1. Android applications (as well as server-side services) that forward notifications with the RemoteNotifications functionality based on Google Cloud Messaging are expected to cease functioning as of April 11, 2019 –the date on which Google will discontinue the associated service. The replacement functionality to be used is Notification Provider API (recommended as from GeneXus 15 Upgrade 3, in March 2017) which allows for notifications to be forwarded with OneSignal or with JPush.
    More information: HowTo: Push Notifications using external provider.

  2. Android applications that use some specific functionalities associated with geo-localization and based on the discontinued capabilities of the Google Places service.

They require updating to GeneXus 16 Upgrade 3 (build 131594) or installing a specific hotfix.

More information on SAC 45111 - Problems in selecting a point on a map.

We prompt you to update your programs or GeneXus installation as soon as possible in order to ensure the continuity of the functionalities in your applications.

For further information or a specific hotfix, you may contact the GeneXus support team at: