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New Beta for projects with Blockchain

GeneXus generates apps that enable you to connect, record and read data in a Blockchain; and most of all... you can already try it out! 
Have you decided which project to apply it to

Blockchain technology implies a wide range of applications in most industries and comes through as an optimal solution for large-scale projects where two or more companies need to share a reliable data source.  

For such scenarios, the adoption of Blockchain is becoming increasingly greater in the corporate and government sectors. 
PowerLedgers –a company brewed by ThalesLab– is a clear example of how Blockchain technology may be applied to the Real Estate industry with traceability of properties acquired, or to the Energy field in relation to acquisitions and sales, as shown in this presentation from the GX29 Meeting:

This GeneXus Beta supports the generation of Blockchain Applications (with the most popular engine around: Hiperledge Fabric) for specific and proprietary installations, in addition to the possibility of connections through API services.

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