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InfoModulus develops sales force mobile system with online and offline capabilities using GeneXus

The company offering consulting and software development services for industries has two systems: one for industries and the other for sales forces. In this case, we introduce a solution developed to meet the needs of Dequêch, a food distribution company.

The evolution of technology has enabled many companies to incorporate smart devices into their day-to-day business operations. In this context, InfoModulus – a company that offers consulting and development services in the field of systems for industries – has developed a mobile solution with online and offline capabilities to automate the sales force of one of its customers, Distribuidora de Alimentos Dequêch. At present, the system has 120 users.
“With the availability of new hardware, our client needed a solution that could run on tablets; this system has been entirely developed with GeneXus X Ev 2 and is fully web based. However, since lack of connectivity is an issue, we’ve migrated the KB to GeneXus Tilo and succeeded in making the online system capable of running offline as well”, says Brunch. In addition, he highlights that even when an Internet connection is not available, “the system continues to operate normally, sending the data when the connection is restored, without any user intervention”.